Home Search & Purchase Consultancy

Born as a result of client requests, Vanessa added her Home Search and Purchase Consultancy service to her portfolio in 2010.

Clients’ who are familiar with Vanessa’s work, and whom may of worked with her before, have enjoyed this service when looking for another property to rent or purchase. Shortlisted properties are presented that either already meet the client’s brief or have the potential to be a wonderful home..

This service can be extended to an international brief but depends on the specific location.

Clients’ can access the Consultancy service to explore a property’s potential, before or after a commitment has been made, and then have the option to seamlessly follow on with an Architectural Interiors and Design brief.



This service includes:

Search & visitation and shortlisting.


Relocation and move co-ordination.

Unpacking, installation and dressing.